Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Making of Pappu Royya ( Steam cooked & Sun dried Prawns )

There is a misconception in general about Pappu Royya. Many mistake Pappu Royya and Yendu Royya ( Dried Prawns )  to be the same.  They are not. There is  a whale of difference between the two. Dried Prawns are just Sun dried along with head and shell. The smell is also very  highly pungent.
However, the making process of Pappu Royya as it is called in Telugu is completely different. They have very little pungent smell and the shelf life is year plus. Usually a few prawns are  added to the gravy curries and the whole curry becomes so delicious with the fragrance of the prawns. 
Making Process:    For 500-600 gms of final product

Take 5 kgs of medium sized prawns.

Add a tsp of turmeric, mix well and Wash them thoroughly a couple of times.

Drain the water and keep aside.

Take a large vessel , toss the prawns in along with head and shell, and put the vessel on medium flame. ( If vessel is not big enough, take half the prawns and follow the same  process )

As heat builds up in a few minutes, prawns begin to ooze water.
Covered  Prawns

As steam begins to rise from the vessel , cover the prawns in the vessel with a thin towel folded to fit in the vessel blocking steam from escaping.

Take the towel out every couple of minutes and stir the prawns well in such a way that cooked prawns come on top and uncooked goes to the bottom.

Continue the process for a few minutes till all the prawns turn pinkish red. 

Cooked Prawns

Take out the towel and drain the water.

Sun dry the prawns for 5 -6 hours on the towel directly exposed to the Sun.
Sun dried

In the evening, pack the prawns tightly in the towel and beat the towel on the floor. The head and shell will come off in small pieces.
Head&Shell removal

Separate the prawns from the debris and safe keep them in a container for the night.

Sun dry the prawns next morning again for 5 to 6 hours.

Rub the prawns in the towel vigorously with the towel for the  
remaining debris to fall off.

If the temperature is 35 degrees and above two days of drying will do.

If the temperature is around 30 degrees, three days of drying will do.

Store the debris free prawns in a container.
Final Product

Cooking Process:
Soak the prawns for 5 – 10 minutes.
Add a tbsp prawns or more to the gravy curry 5 minutes before its cooking is completed.
The fragrance of the prawns envelops the curry. It is delicious.