Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Will Happen on 21/12/2012

I watch History Channel frequently. Recently a series of programs were shown on Mayan civilization. Mayan long calendar and Mayan prophecies were discussed at length. I was intrigued by the calendar which ends on 21/12/2012. The program has several renowned scientists, astronomers, historians giving their opinions on the Mayan calendar. What is Mayan calendar and what is the significance of 21/12/2012. One of the Ancient civilizations, the native Americans called Mayans, who had developed a celestial calendar ( similar to Indian Panchangam) to calculate precisely the planetary movements for thousands of years ahead ends at a certain point of time. The calendar was decoded about 50 years back and when the end date was correlated to the Gregorian calendar it corresponded to December, 21st, 2012. This gave rise to speculation that the World will end on 21/12/2012. The fact that Astronomy agencies like NASA confirmed that the once in a 26,000 years celestial event of the Sun aligning with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way will take place on 21/12/2012 at 11.11 am GMT further fuelled the speculation of doomsday. December 21st is also the day of Winter Solstice ( shortest day of the year) when the Sun crosses the sky at its lowest point all year. According to astronomers, the year 2012 also corresponds to the 11-year Sunspot cycle maximum. So the day is certainly special. We have the Earth’s North pole aligning with the Sun, and the Sun aligning with the center of the Galaxy after 26,500 years makes it certainly special.

The Mayans prophesized that our Sun, every 25,600 years synchronized with the enormous central galaxy. And from this central galaxy receives a beam of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares' as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. Mayans called it the pulse of the Universe. This causes a displacement in the Earth’s rotation, and because of this displacement great catastrophes would be produced.

Doomsdayers believe that Mayans have predicted the end of the World. They base their belief on Mayan’s prophecy and the fact that earth’s pole reversal is already overdue by more than 300,000 years. They say that when Sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way, it receives intense cosmic energy causing sun storms so huge that the Earth which on that day has its North Pole aligned to the Sun, will be doused by the energy resulting in pole reversal, the magnetic North becoming the magnetic South. This sudden reversal, they say will bring cataclysm of events wiping out life on Earth. NASA agrees that Pole reversals do happen in cycles of 300,000 to 500,00 years and the last Pole reversal has happened 800,000 yeasr ago. However, NASA pooh-poohs the idea of sudden reversal.
The naysayers say that the end of Mayan calendar denotes the end of this age and the beginning of a new golden age, ( Kali Yug to Satya Yug) where humanity will experience a new dimension and all the misery in the World will end. They base their arguments that when the previous alignment has happened 26,000 years ago humanity was not lost. In fact it progressed rapidly from Stone Age to Bronze Age.

The net is peppered with contrasting literature on the subject with apocalyptic visions of doom, special-interest theological interpretations and scholarly dissection. However, everyone agrees that on that day something will happen

I am of the view that for humanity to be wiped out, we do not need a once in a 26,000 years celestial event. A software glitch in the orbiting military satellites that carry deadly biological weapons or a nuclear button pushed by a senile head of a tiny republic can wipe out life on Earth a hundred times any day.


Anonymous said...

From a vedic perspective, Just 6000 years into kali yuga, from a total of 4,32,000 odd years is a long way to go....guess, science and scientific interpretation of Philosophy and Occult is yet to progress far more to arrive at an accurate analysis of hopefully the exact time and occurrence of a Profound Cosmic event as that described by Mayan's alamanac ending or who know RENEWING on 21/12/2012.

Where such an advance in Science taken place, our understanding of Earth's plates, cracks and seismic activity could have predicted well in advance a devastating event such as the Tsunami of Indoesia coast on 26th Dec 2004, i am spectical that we can take the aid of science and scientist to understand history and its meaning beyond a certain extent...hope, the mayan's did live to explain the alamnac to sthe cientist for a better version of their alamanc's cycle..then what NASA and History channel have got to decipher....Good Luck, Next time !!!!

Rajan said...

Dear Ramana

I did watch the Discovery Channel programs, and was quite impressed with the slew of references and research that had gone into the predictions. There surely were one too many quite convincing theories this time around – to brush this of as “One more of those Doomsday predictions”.

Having said that, there is also the Rationalist’s school of thought, which runs like this.

The Mayan age was roughly over a 1000 years before Christ, which makes it almost 3000 years ago. Is it a slur on the scientific / mathematical / analytical and historical interpretation capabilities of human kind, if this theory is supposed to have escaped all their attention, right down to the wire, when it is hardly a handful of years away.

The solar flare theory, is another hugely debated point across the millions of websites, with a horde of theories and counter theories by eminent folks from the astronomical society, adding a tinge of skepticism on the possibility of predicting a solar flare. According to Dr.Ian O’Neil, the chances of predicting a solar flare in the current scheme of things today would be a towering achievement. Here are some excerpts from his article:

Can our Sun produce a Killer Flare ?
The short answer to this is "no".
The longer answer is a little more involved. Whilst a solar flare from our Sun, aimed directly at us, could cause secondary problems such as satellite damage and injury to unprotected astronauts and blackouts, the flare itself is not powerful enough to destroy Earth, certainly not in 2012. I dare say, in the far future when the Sun begins to run out of fuel and swell into a red giant, it might be a bad era for life on Earth, but we have a few billion years to wait for that to happen. There could even be the possibility of several X-class flares being launched and by pure bad luck we may get hit by a series of CMEs and X-ray bursts, but none will be powerful to overcome our magnetosphere, ionosphere and thick atmosphere below.
"Killer" solar flares have been observed on other stars. In 2006, NASA's Swift observatory saw the largest stellar flare ever observed 135 light-years away. Estimated to have unleashed an energy of 50 million trillion atomic bombs, the II Pegasi flare will have wiped out most life on Earth if our Sun fired X-rays from a flare of that energy at us. However, our Sun is not II Pegasi. II Pegasi is a violent red giant star with a binary partner in a very close orbit. It is believed the gravitational interaction with its binary partner and the fact II Pegasi is a red giant is the root cause behind this energetic flare event.
Doomsayers point to the Sun as a possible Earth-killer source, but the fact remains that our Sun is a very stable star. It does not have a binary partner (like II Pegasi), it has a predictable cycle (of approximately 11 years) and there is no evidence that our Sun contributed to any mass extinction event in the past via a huge Earth-directed flare. Very large solar flares have been observed (such as the 1859 Carrington white light flare)… but we are still here.
In an added twist, solar physicists are surprised by the lack of solar activity at the start of this 24th solar cycle, leading to some scientists to speculate we might be on the verge of another Maunder minimum and "Little Ice Age". This is in stark contrast to NASA solar physicist's 2006 prediction that this cycle will be a "doozy".
This leads me to conclude that we still have a long way to go when predicting solar flare events. Although space weather prediction is improving, it will be a few years yet until we can read the Sun accurately enough to say with any certainty just how active a solar cycle is going to be. So, regardless of prophecy, prediction or myth, there is no physical way to say that the Earth will be hit by any flare, let alone a big one in 2012. Even if a big flare did hit us, it will not be an extinction event.

The next big point is the POLE SHIFT:

There seems to be a lot of agreement on the Pole shift/reversal theory though, which is possibly the only rational possibility in scientific terms. Even here, seems to be a lot of assumptions that really join events together to get to the story line of a doomsday.

A Pole shift is a rare phenomenon and characterized by the north and the south poles swapping places. Such reversals, recorded in the magnetism of ancient rocks, are unpredictable. They come at irregular intervals averaging about 300,000 years; the last one was 780,000 years ago.

What is that pole shift thing? Such event could really disrupt our planet that's true. Imagine the North pole and South pole swapping places: Telecommunications, animals, humans, etc. would all be affected and it would be a really important change.

Polar shift is a process that roughly takes 5,000 years to complete and doesn't start on a specific date and time. The real truth is that nobody knows when the next one is due. The process takes time and another myth wants the earth's magnetic field strength to be near zero during that transition time. It would actually be as strong as it is now but simply a lot more complicated.

Will we die on December 21 2012? We can't tell, the Mayas can't, Nostradamus can't and the aliens can't. On December 21 2012, a comet won't hit the earth, a pole shift won't happen instantly and a massive gravity burst won't happen either. The only thing you can fear is a pole shift and it takes 5,000 years to complete.

So, Who is Wrong and who is right, it really does not matter. Honestly, Humanity would like to believe the Maya’s were wrong and Neil was right.

It is like the end scenes of the recent block buster in Tamil – Dasavatharam. There happens a Tsunami in the movie (which, by the way, was a project of Satyam BPO) and the heroine attributes it to an act of god, who actually is supposed to have softened the carnage by unleashing the Tsunami to set off the catastrophe that the dreaded Vial (in the movie – a nasty Bio weapon) which could have wiped out Humankind. The Hero’s version is a sarcasm, on the Intelligent plan of God, where the emergence of a Bio Weapon in the 20th Century is foreseen and a Tectonic plate is programmed to move and trigger a Tsunami, exactly when the threat of the weapon becomes real.

Blasphemy for the Religious kind and Realism for the Scientific kind.

One this is for sure, 2012 is definitely going to be an eventful year, both for the critics and the dooms dayers.

For us in between, we hope it is business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I would also add that even according to Vedic perspective there were many astrological events similar to the doomsday of 21/12/2012 but they happen regularly, and there were more I think... No worries, doomsday is not coming anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

The Earth will pass through the zone where it aligns with the the Sun And the Milky Way Centre and will continue on its orbit as if nothing eventful occurred. It is simply just a point of measure. The Mayans were referring to the mechanics of the cosmic machinery synchronizing in space to mark a point in time. The only thing big about the 2012 event is it being at the end of the cosmic calendar. The apparatus of that calendar..stars & planets..has no reason to spasm out of control when it gets to December 21, 2012. There is no reason why planet earth should flip axis and send shock waves through the solar system when we reach 2012. Nor do we expect further reverberations such as that predicted in neighboring galactic clusters. Such rumors suggest that as a result of the 2012 event on earth our spiral arm will bend backwards and initiate the reverse rotation of our galaxy. However, seers from parallel universes clearly say that in 4 years time our galaxy's lights are going to be turned out, that is, we're going back into the black hole. Now why would it be that out of 100 billion galaxies God wants to turn our lights out whilst the others get to stay up late? Have we been naughty?

Anonymous said...

at least we won't have to buy xmas presents

jay smith said...

only 18 and after researching Apophis the meteor i came across doomsday 21/12/2012 it is all an interesting theory and what is more interesting is the fact that all of these things are to happen on one such day. after reading everybody's blogs i do feel more at ease and think that the end of the world is incredible unlikely. it is also unlikely that the scientists can predict a specific date for this to happen as most of there points contradict others, as they say that certain things happen ROUGHLY every 100,000 years or so, and then completely contradict them selves and say it IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE 21/12/2012.
when i was 10 i can remember a lot of speculation that the earth was going to end on 31/12/1999, but did anything happen? no apart from huge celebrations, and also on the 06/06/2006. i do think that a lot of unique things are going to happen during 2012 but the end of the world is extremly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Ive been reading a lot about the End of Days recently & to tell the truth, Im beginning to think the answer was always there..
The thing is, we`ve turned fact into fantasy & kinda lost our way.
For humans to think we are the intellegent being in the universe is as ignorant as we are to the bigger picture.. The bigger picture is simple. After reading up on Nabiru/Planet X.History of mankind, homosapian The book of Enoch,The bible; Old Testament; Adam & Eve/ Eden.The Babelonians Ancient Egyptians,The Mayans etc & their gods.Moses to Noah & the Great Flood(which will be much the same in 21/12/2012 if the so called Global Warming is anything to go by?.)Although I do believe the Earth`s polar axis is influenced by the return of Nabiru & the magnetic fields throughout the universe. Previous movement in the Earth`s axis resulted in the last ice age & that was the result of 2degrees. Aparently the alignment in the universe will cause it to shift 15degrees?.. OopS!!.
Anyway, Iwent on to read up on the The HolyGrail/The Royal Bloodline,Freemasons/Illuminati,
Knights Templar, 13 Families of Europe, New World Order, Who Rules the World, The World Bank, The G8 Summits,The CIA `Black Budget` USA & Russia causing Hurricanes etc in Chernobyl & New Orleans (but not over Africa??)as a means to checking how Martial Law would work for NWO. G.Bush/The Occult,Obama (NWO).. & LAST BUT NOT? `The New Testament` which until now appeared as Fact mixed with Fantasy?.
The Sun God(RA) or the Son of God (Jesus)& the return of God after 2000yrs.. It makes you wonder if Nabiru returning, Rosswell,Area 51, The UFO sightings, Aliens among us & world Gov.taking us for stupid by rubbishing thousands of sightings etc, doesnt it?.
If you read the Bible again with this in mind, u begin to see it as a message.. Pure & simple & very much more exact.
Angels or Aliens came from the sky, depends on how you look at it but I cant help thinking they`re 1 & the same.
If the age, the aliens live to is anything to go by? Ill be doing that anyway so are they 1 & the same?..
We`ll soon see.

Anonymous said...

I kinda have been expecting this in a way...
But I reali dun think da world is going to end...start a new era maybe but the world is not ending.
That's not gonna happen till a thousand years later! Ok, I'm not sure bout that either but that's not the point! The world's not gonna end! Full stop!
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Anonymous said...

The Urantia Book teaches that our planet has been under "quarantine" due to the nasty work of Lucifer,
Satan, and the Devil, with no broadcast reception from the "higher worlds". UB also teache that "Sagittarius" is the
direction of the center of the galaxy, and that the alignment
could mean a lifting of the quar-
antine, initiating a true "new age" for this world.
Sounds good to me!

N.Srinivasan said...

21-12-2012 predictions are mere illusions oer the seasf the persons who predicted about Earth. So, we don"t fear about this and we are already experinced from 2001 climate change,earth tremor inside and outside, under seas ,volcano eruptions,cyclones,tsunami,suns flair,etc ofcourse there will be a drastic changes may occur its all by the Creator of this Universe, the true and super power of GOD.

Anonymous said...

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